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AST 21st Century Learning Project 

In 2015, The American School of Tangier (AST) requested funds from USAID-ASHA* to create a model Middle School program with a 21st-century curriculum framework. The result was two awards - one in 2016 to build a 12-classroom Wing, and one in 2017 for furnishings and resources  - IT and libraries.  


A STEAM program model (integrated Sciences, Technology, Engineering, English, Arts, Mathematics & Mindfulness),  facilitates the goals of student engagement and gender equity. Accreditation status mandated pedagogical change, and the new programs reinvigorated teaching and learning. The Community Learning Center programs are now beginning to foster cross-cultural mutual understandings, with the focus of learning and student engagement as the medium for dialogue, for Americans and Moroccans.



The AST Sustainable Development Project

The American School of Tangier seeks to become a sustainable organization, and model for other institutions, aligned with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development goals. The project for renovation and commodities is designed to enable long-term sustainable practices for AST, to be shared in Tangier and Morocco.

AST seeks a multi-prong approach to sustainability, with education of the same.

  1. Reduction of resource waste - electricity, water, food, and paper.
  2. Alternative energy sources - solar and water harvesting.
  3. Sustainable agriculture via an edible schoolyard.
  4. Reduction, and responsible disposal of waste.
  5. Stewardship of the local ecosystem through restoration of a and shared with schools in Tangier and Morocco.
AST Sustainability