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Sports and athletics are an integral part of our students' education at AST, from elementary to high school. Through participation in sports, students mature physically, emotionally, and socially. They learn to take responsibility for their personal growth by developing character, teamwork, integrity, commitment, and dedication and these qualities are deeply connected to our school's core values.  

Our student-athletes model our school mission with respect, honesty and responsibility and we intend to carry on this tradition with our students continually growing and achieving. Our coaches and students come from a variety of backgrounds and this international approach enhances our programs and the experience of being an AST Falcon.  

Being part of a team, displaying great sportsmanship, and setting the tone with character driven acts are all part of the AST Experience. Through participation in sports, students learn about responsibility and commitment to the school, to the activity, and to themselves and their peers. 

The AST Intramural Program has an inclusive approach towards participation, skills, sportsmanship, and friendly competition.