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Extracurricular activities are an essential element of a student’s overall development and our after-school activities (ASAs) are an important part of student life at the American School of Tangier.

ASAs helps kids socialize, understand one another, and work together as a team, and helps form a community in school. Extracurricular activities also help kids discover their skills and areas for growth – and these also help kids find what they enjoy doing outside of school.

We offer our students a variety to choose from to ignite their creativity, discover new passions, and make connections with peers and teachers. We will also promote other opportunities that are available to our students in the city.

Registration for our ASAs occurs each semester, although some activities may require a year-long commitment. Students may sign-up for activities via an electronic registration form sent to parents via email at the beginning of each semester.

It is important that prior to selecting, you discuss the available options with your child to decide which activities they will be most interested in participating in, keeping in mind that these activities run for the entire semester.